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5 Selling Tips for Summer

The season is upon us. Customers will soon be streaming through your doors for a summer ride (or maybe they already are). As we prepare for peak, the goal is to let no customers leave empty handed. Here are some selling tips that you can use this summer to refresh your sales strategy and get units rolling.


The impossible task of sales is knowing exactly what the customer wants. If you can do it, then kudos. The rest of us have to ask all the right questions. This summer, try to ask questions that go beyond the standard. Just as much as they want a certain paint color, a customer’s new vehicle is important to the lifestyle and image they want to achieve. Instead of the same old “what did you have in mind?”, some questions you could ask are:

  • “What are your hobbies?
  • “Who do you want to use this vehicle with?”  
  • “Do you prefer choppers or sport bikes?”
  • “How do you see yourself with a motorcycle/ATV/zero turn/etc.?
  • “Is this your first vehicle or are you looking to upgrade?”
  • “What’s your summertime personality? Beach bum, road warrior, life of the block party?”

These questions will help you learn if the customer is sporty or rugged, if they camp or like to tend their large garden, if they have a family who likes to ride, and how they want to feel/look while using their unit.

You can get more specific when you know more personal information. Not only can investigation like this help you understand what to show your customer, but the discussion it sparks can also help them focus their ideas.

Warm up

Based on what you’ve learned in your investigation, present options that touch on the customer’s most important wants and needs. Confidently show what you can do for them.


Present a vehicle’s benefits as they apply to each buyer and show that it’s perfect for their life. With all the information you discovered, you can bring them a 4-seat UTV that’s perfect for a family camping trip. Instead of just any unit that’s good or families, you’ve shown them a dream ride. Show your customer that their dream can be a reality and their life will improve when the deal is closed.

Get them seated

Even if they’re just browsing, have your customer sit on the unit you’re trying to sell them. This can make them feel like they already “own” the unit in that moment. It’s a simple, but potentially powerful, method that could make a buyer bond with a unit and start thinking about buying.

Create the summer fantasy

Especially at the height of the season, any unit that rolls out of your dealership has an immediate destiny. Nothing’s going into storage. So you can do a little storytelling to paint a picture of the customer’s ideal life. That life starts only when they successfully roll off the lot.


A day off-roading with the kids, cruising up and down their favorite beach, freshly cut grass and a cold lemonade. You’re here to make their summer dreams come true. Sell the unit as a key part of the dream.

Cool down

So, you’ve sold them. Yes! But don’t get too excited. Stay calm and collected as you close the deal. The customer is the one who should be feeling all of the excitement. It’s not about your sale, it’s about their buy.

Guide them through the paperwork and/or financing process and make them feel confident about their decision. When you’re cool and confident, they’ll feel the same. You can celebrate once they’ve left with their new ride. Just like that, you’ve made someone’s summer. Use these selling tips to work your way through a successful season. Happy summer!

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