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Your 5-Point Checklist to Establish Digital Marketing Goals for the Year

The first move you can make to plan a digital marketing strategy is to consider the future. Look at where you are and visualize where you’d like to be. We need to establish goals to figure out how to achieve them, but many hit a wall when it’s time to think forward. Here’s a short guide to get you started on digital marketing goals.

⃞ Take a step back

There’s a reason that you’re reconsidering plans. What is it? Think about the big picture to identify what could use some more attention.

For this exercise, you are looking to change up your internet presence.

⃞ Identify what to work on

Once you have a place to start, dig deeper to identify possible pain points.

Let’s say that your rival is getting more business because of their big online presence. What’s the root of this? Maybe…

  • Customers are searching for you online and not finding you
  • Your site has been unmanaged and left dormant
  • Your competition’s social media page is more active

Pinpoint exactly what you can improve to have something concrete to work on, like your out-of-date website.

⃞ Narrow an idea to a simple result

Your digital marketing goals should be concrete and practical, like getting 100 visits to your website. You’ve taken an idea for change, figured out what needs work, and come up with your desired end result. It’s important to establish an achievable end result. The best goals are tangible and within reach- one small step is always better than no steps at all.

⃞ Establish your time frame

Set a deadline. Your goal gets some backbone when you push to achieve it by a certain date. Not only can that be motivational, it also gives you a reference point for tracking progress. So, at the halfway point to your deadline, do you have 50 out of your goal 100 visits to your site? If not, then you still have time to revise your strategy and get yourself there.

⃞ How do you do it?

Now that your goal is established, you can move to the fun part: brainstorming ways to get there. Some digital marketing strategies to consider are: Search Engine Optimization (or “SEO”, which increases your chances of appearing near the top of an internet search), Content Marketing (putting helpful content on your site for customers to read), and Promotion (social media engagement and similar opportunities).

Stay tuned for more marketing tips!

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