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Hustler Turf Equipment Financing & Loans

Roadrunner Financial knows Hustler Turf Equipment financing. Explore models, compare instant loan offers, and secure your ride at a local dealership.

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New & Used
Hustler Turf Equipment Models

Zero-Turn Mowers

Dash 34”/42” Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt
Raptor 36”/42”/52” Kawasaki FR541
Raptor 36”/42”/52” Kawasaki FR600
Raptor 36”/42”/52” Kawasaki FR691
Raptor Limited 42”, 52” Kawasaki FR651
Raptor Limited 42”, 52” Kawasaki FR691
Raptor SD 36”/42”/48”/54”/60” Kawasaki FR651
Raptor SDX 48”/52”/60” Kawasaki FR691
Raptor SDX 48”/52”/60” Kawasaki FR730
Raptor Flip-Top 48”/54” Kawasaki FR691
FasTrak 48”/54”/60” Kawasaki
FasTrak 48”/54”/60” Kohler
FasTrak SDX 48”/54”/60” Kawasaki FX691
FasTrak SDX 48”/54”/60” Kawasaki FX730
X-One 52”/54”/60”/72” Kawasaki FX850
X-One 52”/54”/60”/72” Kohler 824 EFI
X-One 52”/54”/60”/72” Kohler Command Pro
X-One 52”/54”/60”/72” Kawasaki FX730

Trimstar 36”/48”/54”/60” Kawasaki FS541
Trimstar 36”/48”/54”/60” Kawasaki FS600

Super Z 54”/60”/66”/72” Kawasaki FX850
Super Z 54”/60”/66”/72” Kawasaki FX1000
Super Z 54”/60”/66”/72” Kohler 824 EFI
Super Z HyperDrive 60”/66”/72” Vanguard Big Block
Super Z HyperDrive 60”/66”/72” Vanguard Big Block EFI
Super Z HyperDrive 60”/66”/72” Kawasaki FX1000
Super S 36”/48”/52”/60” Kawasaki FS541
Super S 36”/48”/52”/60” Kawasaki FX600
Super S 36”/48”/52”/60” Kawasaki FX691
Super 88, 88” Vanguard BigBlock
Super 88, 88” Vanguard BigBlock EFI w/ OilGuard
Super 104, 104” Vanguard Big Block
Super 104, 104” Vanguard Big Block EFI Oil Guard
Super 104, 104” Kawasaki FX1000
Z Diesel 60”/72” Shibaura

Zero-Turn Mowers

MDV LeveLift

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No commitment. No impact on credit score.


Q: What is a Hustler Turf Equipment loan?

We offer financing by way of a retail installment loan, where the value of the vehicle is split up into installments to be paid over time (plus interest). When you agree to Roadrunner Financial financing terms, your interest rate and monthly payments will never change.

Q: How do I get a Hustler Turf Equipment loan?

Roadrunner Financial makes financing super simple. First, fill out our fast and easy online application. You’ll submit some information like your name and address, and get a pre-qualified decision in minutes. We’ll connect you with a dealership and they’ll take care of verifying your info, signing contracts, and handing you the keys.

We’re one of the only powersports lenders with soft credit pulls. That means our application will not initiate what’s called a “hard inquiry” on your credit (which can affect your credit score). We’re able to pre-qualify you for financing without any credit impact. The only time we’ll do a hard inquiry is when you are ready to sign your contract.

We work with thousands of trusted dealerships to ensure a first-class customer service experience. Once pre-qualified, our team will work to connect you with a Roadrunner Financial dealership. If you have a dealer in mind, and they’re not already signed up, we can get them signed up same-day.

If you choose to move forward with your pre-qualified offer, we’ll need you to submit some personal info (just to make sure it’s you!). We’ll need your driver’s license and a few other documents for verification.

Our technology allows us to qualify applicants based on the big picture, not just your credit score. We think everyone should apply to see if they pre-qualify for financing. Our application has no fees and no impact on credit, so why not apply?

Join the Hustler Turf Equipment Life & Pay Later

In 1964, the Hustler 36 was released as the first manufactured zero-turn mower. Hop on a Hustler Turf Equipment zero-turn mower to feel the purest form of freedom. Get started now, and we can have you riding in no time.

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