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Getting The Most Out of Late Mower Season

As the weather turns and Outdoor Power Equipment season starts winding down, you may be brainstorming ways to get that extra inventory off your hands. You may even be mapping your game plan for next year. 

What most of us are probably wondering about, are the ways to make the most out of this late mower season window. It’s not over yet so the last push can potentially make the year! Here are some ideas to consider so you can get the most out of late season. 

Rethink Promotions

You may already be lowering your prices a bit to clear out this year’s inventory. Sale prices have the benefit of attracting brand new, bargain hunting customers to your store. A way to think about these buyers is that they’re drawn in by a one-time low price, but can be converted into loyal customers.

So how do we turn a current bargain hunter into next year’s return customer? Keep your business on their minds. If you have any shop branded t-shirts around, consider setting one aside to really woo a first-time customer after closing a deal. They’ll walk away with their newly purchased equipment, a new shirt to wear (that has your name on it), and a good impression. 

You can also use promotions to get them coming back next season. If you offer services in your shop, you can set up a small service “bundle” – like if they buy a mower, then their first blade sharpening is free. Simple promotions like these are a reasonably inexpensive way to get a new customer back in the shop, where they could then spring for a full tune-up or spot something else they’d like to buy.

Revisit Lost Deals

Over this past mower season, there were probably some deals that just didn’t work out. Whether they were declined by your primary lender or they couldn’t make up their minds, you probably have a few contacts that are still looking to make a deal.

To revisit these deals, send those contacts a quick email with your dealership’s personal Octane financing link. Not only can they use this link to fill out a new financing application from home, but it puts the app right on your Octane account for you to submit to Roadrunner as a second look – the Roadrunner approval rate for mowers is 40% higher than it was just a month ago!

That lost deal from earlier this summer could very well be a closed deal tomorrow. It never hurts to ask, so send that financing link or make a quick call to see if that lost deal could turn into a late season sale.

Referrals and Networking

To start working on next season today, you can try some good old fashioned networking. When you have someone in the store, ask if they have any friends that have a zero-turn mower or are looking to buy one in the future. Starting a conversation about your business can get the word out and potentially jump-start new business when mower season picks up again. 

Some businesses use referral incentives to get people talking about their store. For example, you can offer a discount on parts or services if one of your customers refers someone to you, and that referral turns into a sale. 

These ideas are suggestions to get you thinking about how to win late mower season, instead of letting it slowly fizzle out. Now is the time to punch the gas and finish strong.

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