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Who wants to buy a golf cart? (Hint: not only golfers)

Despite the name, golf carts are a simple, affordable and environmentally friendly mode of transportation for everyone (not just golfers). Especially in warm parts of the country, the types of customers looking to buy golf carts might surprise you. But who can you look out for as the next future golf cart owner?   

1. Retirees

The story of retirees and golf carts is a bit overdone at this point, but it’s who’s buying. There are dozens of large retirement communities across the country that use golf carts as the primary mode of transportation. Especially in sunny states like Florida and Arizona, golf carts are popular as a way to get around communities with ease. They’re also affordable on a fixed income.

2. The budget conscious

Golf carts can be an affordable alternative to UTVs for those with light utility needs or a large property they need to get around. If you’re lucky enough to live in a neighborhood that allows golf carts on-road, they can also be an affordable car replacement for short trips. 

3. The environmentally conscious

To use those golf cart friendly roads we mentioned, some carbon-conscious buyers may want to get a golf cart as their electric vehicle. Electric golf carts are a great option for those who don’t want or need a gas guzzler and live in a place where they can use a golf cart as transportation. 

4. Local institutions

Your neighborhood university, hospital, airport, or local government may be in the market for some golf carts. These groups use golf carts within their properties as a convenient way to get around. They’re lower cost compared to a car or UTV, are smaller than a car, and are low impact to keep the grounds looking fresh.

5. And of course: golfers

They’re not called golf carts for nothing! Avid golfers won’t want to rent a cart every time they tee off. Many buy a golf cart to cut out the middleman. 

For all of these customers, golf carts have so much potential beyond golf. Use these examples to think about your next golf cart sale! Roadrunner Financial can provide financing for your individual golf cart customers. So if those retirees, budget watchers, environmentalists or golfers are looking to buy a golf cart, you know where to go!

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