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Commonly asked Title & Lien Release Questions

Q: After I have made my last payment, when will I receive my Title or Lien Release?

A: In most cases, your title and or lien will be released electronically by Roadrunner within 15 days from the date your final payment is settled successfully by your financial institution.

If you are in an electronic title state the Lien will be released by the DMV within 24-48 hours after we release it in their system. If you require a “paper” title from your DMV you will need visit or contact your DMV to secure a paper title.

If you are in a paper title state whereby you or Roadrunner Financial has possession of the title, Roadrunner will release the lien electronically with the respective DMV and mail you a lien release to the address on our record within 15 days from the date your final payment is settled successfully by your financial institution. This process applies to a majority of paper title states.

Please note: State and Postal service processing times may vary by state and location.

Q: Am I in a title holding state?

A: A title holding state is one in which the customer retains the title. When the account is paid in full, instead of receiving a title, the customer will receive a lien release. Title holding states are: Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New York, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin. Additionally, some units are not required to be titled, in which case the customer will be sent a lien release.

Q: Am I in an electronic title (ELTs) state?

A: Fourteen states have a mandatory ELT program; these are Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Virginia. Another ten states have optional ELT programs, these are Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Q: I need information about how to register my unit or how to obtain my plates.

A: Please contact your selling dealership and they will ensure you have the proper information to register your unit.