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SCRA (Military Borrower) Information

Q: How do I know if I am eligible for SCRA Rate protection?

A: You need to submit a full/complete copy of your military orders to customerservice@roadrunnerfinancial.com for review. Orders should include active duty date, estimated end of service date, location of duty assignment, branch of military and whether service is title 10 or title 32. Upon receipt of your military orders, Roadrunner will review your account for eligibility.

Q: What if I don’t have my orders?

A: In order to appropriately review your account for eligibility, we need a complete copy of your orders. In some instances, a customer may only be provided an internal military memorandum. At a minimum, the documentation provided should always include the active duty date, location of duty assignment, branch of military. Verifiable information is necessary prior to Roadrunner approving any potential SCRA rate eligibility. Roadrunner will also complete a record search in the military’s Department of Defense website for any additional information.

Q: What if I am in basic training and do not have access to a phone or email. How would I make my payments?

A: Roadrunner offers an automatic payment program that you can sign up for that will electronically debit your payments from our bank account. You can easily sign up on our customer portal at https://portal.octane.co/register.