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Can I Make a ‘Fee-Only’ Payment or Pay Towards the Principal?

1. Navigate to our portal here. If you haven’t registered yet for the online portal, please go to portal.octane.co/register.

2. Once logged into the portal, you will see your loans listed, you can then click ‘Make a Payment’ and follow the steps to make a payment.

Fee Only Payments

To make a fee only payment, select “Fees Only”. You can choose to pay the entirety of the fees, or, enter a custom amount. These fees must be paid off before the payoff of your loan. To learn more about the reasons for fee accruals, please contact us.

Principal Payments

To pay towards the principal on your account, navigate to ‘Make a Payment’. Your payment will apply to any interest accrued and/or principal due. Any additional amount will be applied to the principal balance.